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Greeting Cards

The inspiration for these Christmas cards came from 3 different roots of my heritage: Native, Norwegian Viking, and Scotland. I decided to design 3 Christmas trees after certain art styles of these cultures. 

Native Christmas Tree

One of my favourite techniques in Native art is how they use curved shapes and fluid lines to depict natural flora and fauna. The use of contrasting colours and symmetry has a distinct beauty I will always admire.

Untitled design.png

Viking Christmas Tree

Knotwork was used in both Celtic and Norse cultural designs. Even though in this design I chose to use a more Celtic style of knotwork it still reminds me of the stunning designs used in ancient Nordic carvings.

Screen Shot 2021-11-16 at 7_edited.jpg

Scottish Christmas Tree

There are many tributes to the legendary stoicism of the Scotts, but my favourite is their national flower...the Thistle. Chosen for more than just its beauty, it has a power that demands respect for reasons clear to anyone who's come in contact with this little flower. 

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